About HomeSmiles

The name of our company is HomeSmiles and you can think of us as oil-changers for your home.

Our service: we have bundled the eighteen most important home safety and maintenance items into a single one-call service that requires about two to three hours to complete and costs only $599 for most homes.  

Those eighteen items are:

Plato said, “The mind never thinks without a picture.”  So again, think of us as oil-changers for your home.

HomeSmiles was born from a personal pain point that we, as founders of the company, were experiencing both personally and professionally as real estate brokers, real estate attorneys, property managers, rental property owners, and of course, most importantly, as homeowners.

Nobody wants to do the above list and let’s face it…it’s a pain in the neck to coordinate piece by piece; in fact, it is safe to say that one or many of those items fall through the cracks almost every time.

Consequently, could negligence of one or many of the above cause big problems for 1) your personal safety and that of your family, and 2) for the preservation of (most likely the single largest financial asset in your life) your home?  For sure.  Yes.  No doubt about it.  Fires, slip hazards, injuries, dry rot, decay, etc.

Everything requires some form of cleaning and-or maintenance.  Our car, our body, our mind, our business, our relationships, our roads, our bridges, etc.  The same is true for your home – and again, we can assure you that no one know likes to do the above the list: not the homeowner; not the contractor; not even the handyman who is not set-up to handle multiple (equipment intense) tasks all at one stop.  

This is where HomeSmiles comes in.  

We have engineered and equipped our vans to arrive fully loaded to your home to complete the above list in about two to three hours with a two person crew.

Try it out.  If you don’t love it, don’t pay us.  If you do love the service, pay the bill and tell a friend.  

Check out the HomeSmiles commercial playing on NBC!

Smile…it’s done!