Carbon Monoxide Test & Battery Replacement in Redwood City, CA

There are over 150 deaths reported each year from homes that do not have carbon alarms in all necessary locations throughout the house. CO2 is known as the “silent killer.” The gas is colorless, odorless, and poisonous. Many times, residents subject to poisoning are so confused by the effects of inhalation that it is too late to get help. Children and the elderly are highly subject to the effects of the gas. Even more alarming, over 20,000 residents were sickened and subject to hospitalization where carbon alarms failed to operate and warn the occupants due to improper or inadequate maintenance. HomeSmiles technicians replace all internal back up batteries and also test your equipment. Also, if additional carbon alarms are required, our HomeSmiles technicians will install them for you on the day of your appointment. (Rates apply-See website pricing for more information.)

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