Home Maintenance FAQs

What is your service?
We bundled the eighteen most important home safety and maintenance items into a single one-call service.

What items are included in the service?
View our services page for information on all 18 services.

Why did you create this product/service?
As founders, those items were a constant – yearly - personal pain point. So, we decided to solve this problem by bundling a number of important - yet pain in the neck items - into a single service.

What was the pain/problem?
Alarms beeping in the middle of the night; losing sleep about the batteries not working when a fire breaks out; pouring down rain and remembering that the gutters/downspouts haven’t been cleared; knowing that my garage door needs maintenance but not knowing where to start; having to call multiple vendors and people not showing up; etc. In general, problems associated with coordinating annual home safety/maintenance items, and, the consequences of not completing those items - annually.

Why those eighteen items?
There could be more, but those eighteen are the most important for safety inside and outside the home.

What is the safety component?
Preventing fires, falls, injuries, dry rot, decay, hazardous conditions, etc.

Why dry rot?
Sometimes people don’t realize it, but dry rot can lead to a number of safety related problems i.e. compromised wood, rotten siding, etc. It basically means, “the rotting away of the wood framing of your home.”

I still don’t completely understand the service.
Think of us as an oil-changers for your home. The oil-change companies are mostly preventative maintenance and safety companies. We are the same. We assist you in keeping your property safe from hidden home dangers.

What kind of dangers?
Dryer vent fires, for one; 2,900 dryer vent fires take place yearly resulting in five deaths on average. Part of our service is to clean the dryer vent.

The service includes smoke and carbon monoxide detectors?
Yes, we test and change the battery. National failure rates are 53% and 40% respectively for smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. We believe those are big and alarming numbers.

So, you’re saying I need to maintain the smokes and carbons yearly?  
There is a reason the property managers are required by law to inspect those yearly. As homeowners, we are not required to do so, but common sense tells us - that it’s a must.

How much does the service cost?
$599 for a single level home below 2,500 square feet.

How long does it take to complete?
Believe it or not, about 90 minutes to three hours.

How do you get it done so quickly?
A few reasons; 1) this is all we do so we are really good at it, 2) our vans have been engineered/built-out for this specific service, and 3) we purchased some of the best/most powerful/fastest equipment in the world. There is no wasted motion.

Why did you include water heater flush as part of the service?
Because regular flushing reduces the amount of sedentary build-up at the bottom of the unit and extends the life of the water heater; all this ultimately saves you money down the road.

Will that reduce my monthly utility bill?
Yes. It’s estimated that the average homeowner will save about $650 yearly if they do the following on an annual basis; water heater service flush, change the HVAC filter, refrigerator coiling cleaning, and dryer vent cleaning. We include all four of those in our standard service.

I didn’t know I needed to clean my refrigerator coils.
Most people don’t.  But, dirt is dirt - and dirt has a corrosive element to it.  Any man-made machine will bog-down as dirt builds up. The refrigerator coils should be cleaned regularly; we include it in the service.  

And I see you trim the trees too?
Yes, homecare 101 is that you don’t want branches hanging over the roofline; we trim at the roofline up two inches in diameter; this is both a safety and maintenance item. We include it our standard package.

Can I see your service in action?
Yes, see our following advertisement that is currently running on TV with NBC.

Good video, but it’s hard to see all the items.
Yes, that is true. Get a rundown of the complete list of services on our services page.

Regarding the gutters and downspouts, do you use ladders?
Mostly No. We use a high-powered SmileVac system; think of it as a vacuum on steroids. And, people should not be cleaning their own gutters with a ladder.

Why not?
Some reports estimate up to 90,000 people yearly end-up in emergency rooms from cleaning their gutters from a ladder; many of those injuries are permanent in nature.

And I see here that you service the garage door too?
Yes, it could be argued that the garage door service is 100% safety related.  

So, your service includes both safety and maintenance items?
Yes, we could probably make a compelling argument that all eighteen have a safety component. But to make it easy, safety and maintenance related – all relevant to any piece of residential real estate.

I’m starting to understand the service.
Great…and again, think of us as an oil-changers for your home. The oil-change companies don’t actual do repairs; they do preventative maintenance. Same with HomeSmiles. If you need a pipe replaced, you would call a plumber. If you want to prevent problems from occurring, call HomeSmiles.

That is helpful.  Is this a brand new service?
Yes. Up to now, no one has, 1) made a list of the home safety/maintenance items that need to be done annually, 2) engineered a van/equipment that can handle it, 3) trained employees to complete the full list, and 4) priced the service so that it’s affordable to the average homeowner.

It seems affordable; but what if I priced these items individually?
Easily $2,000.  In some cases, $3,000. That is if you could even get people to show up for such a small job. And, it would take a ton of your time to coordinate eighteen jobs with eighteen different vendors.

So, I call your company and you complete the whole list for $599?
Yes. We charge more for two stories and bigger homes, but yes, 90% of homes are $599. See our pricing here, https://homesmiles.com/pricing.php.  

Is there anything I should have asked but didn’t?
As far as the eighteen items go, we didn’t talk about: cleaning the accessible air conditioning coils; changing the filter/clean range hood; exterior window washing including screens to avoid corrosive build-up; pressure wash the driveway/entry; clean/deodorize garbage disposal unit; and finally, clean/deodorize accessible bathroom sinks and tub/shower P-traps.

Wow, all that is included as well?
Yes. As we were designing this product/service, we met with hundreds of homeowners, real estate estate professionals, and property managers - and tried to include everything that should be done yearly - to avoid problems on any piece of residential real estate.

What if I don’t need all eighteen items?
Most properties don’t. They need 16 or 14 or 17 or 12; there is no discount for fewer items. We check everything either way. If your home needs all eighteen, then you are taking full advantage of the HomeSmiles service.    

That makes sense.
Yes, the topic has naturally come up. Most of our costs are associated with arriving to the home, unpacking the equipment, and then driving to the next job. There is very little incremental costs for us to do 12 items versus all 18.

Do you warranty your work?
Yes, we offer a 6 month warranty against blockages with any gutter cleaning service. This means we will return to your property for free and clear any blockages that occur for six months. This gives the property owner plenty of time after the service to make sure all gutters are working properly.

Okay!  I’m sold.  How do I order the service?
You can book an appointment through our website, https://homesmiles.com/, or, give us a call at 888.564.5311.

Smile…it’s done!