Garage Door Lubrication in Redwood City, CA

This may surprise you-the garage door is one of the most dangerous aspects of your home. There are over 10,500 garage door injuries reported nationally every year-many to children. ( If you think about it, the garage door is the largest and most dangerous moving piece of equipment in your home-it requires regular maintenance to keep it safe. The door, the tracks, the moving joints, and springs all require lubrication. Without proper lubrication, they will bind and eventually break causing injury to you or your family.  In most cases of home garage door injury, the injuries are related to lack of professional maintenance (Michael Panish, expert witness consultant and national inspection expert). The trained technicians at HomeSmiles will lubricate your garage door, keeping it running smoothly. This service will also extend the useful life of your garage door, saving you and your family money.

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