Frequently Asked Questions By Realtors

How does HomeSmiles help listing agents?  
For listing agents, before your home inspections, have HomeSmiles perform their 18-point service. Our service removes many items off a Home Inspector list, providing a cleaner inspection report for your sellers. Fewer items on an inspection report, translates into a higher selling price. HomeSmiles 18-point safety and maintenance package provides potential buyers a “Certified Pre-Owned” feeling when purchasing a home just like buying a certified pre-owned BMW or Mercedes.

How does HomeSmiles help agents who represent buyers?
Instead of using the traditional “Home Warranty”, a HomeSmiles 18-point safety and maintenance package provides potential buyers a “Certified Pre-owned” feeling when purchasing a home. Filters are changed, gutters are cleaned and fire hazards like dryer vents, are no longer a concern. Your clients will appreciate having their weekends free to spend time with their family. HomeSmiles is preventative maintenance, not reactive like a home warranty. If you purchase a home warranty, the next call you will get from your buyer, is a call that an item that should be covered by the home warranty plan you purchased for them, is not covered.

Can HomeSmiles get me more sales?
The answer is YES. Referrals are the #1 source of sales for agents. Instead of sending a client a gift card that may get lost or a seasonal recipe for a pie, many agents are buying the HomeSmiles service for clients who refer them business. Providing a 100% real estate related gift is not easy. A HomeSmiles service shows your client that you care about their safety and want to make their life easier by removing chores they do not have time to do and they do not want to do!

Can HomeSmiles do items in addition to the 18-point service?  
Again, YES. Just let HomeSmiles know when you are booking the appointment, what additional items you may need for your clients and we will take care of the additional items. In addition to the 18-point service, we will track our time and only charge you for the additional time required.