Homesmiles is a fantastic service that takes the headache out of recurring property maintenance issues. Gutter cleaning, dryer vent line evacuation, pressure washing, window cleaning, smoke detector checks and more. Thank you Homesmiles for taking the stress out of property ownership and maintenance.
-Maxi G.

Why didn't anyone think of this business before! Home Smiles took care of everything on my "honey do" list with one phone call! Gutters are clean, driveway is pristine, and windows are sparkling! Not to mention I feel a lot safer with all the items completed in my home that come with the Home Smiles package! Thanks Home Smiles! :)
-Desiree F.

This team is one of the most professional service teams I have worked with. They took care of things in my home I did not even know needed taking care of. Thank you for giving me peace of mind!
-Cristina M.

Wonderful comprehensive service! Yearly maintenance items that are easy to overlook, and so valuable to have done! VERY VERY pleased with the company, the technician who came to do the work and the final product. The ball of lint that was cleaned out of the dryer vent alone made the service worthwhile!
-Teri B.

This is the most efficient professional outfit out there. Their equipment is state of the art, the van is completely set up so that they don't even plug into your home for power or water!! My house literally sparkled after they were done. Then I receive a confirmation email from them with a list of things completed and a video showing me clean gutters!
-Jill Z.

They were incredibly professional, efficient, neat and clean. My wife and I were thrilled to get so many maintenance services at such a bargain price. We will definitely be using them on an annual basis and will highly recommend them to our friends!
-Larry A.

Great service. We were looking for someone to come and do the annual tune-up on our house. These guys did a great job washing the windows, cleaning the gutters, changing the batteries, and showing our furnace filter needed replacement. Took a headache away from me.
-John C.

They arrived on time and completed the work early. They were very professional and I am very satisfied with the outcome of the project. I will use them again in the future. Kudos to David and his helper.
-Daniel A.

The van was new and clean, the guys were professional and polite, and the service was spot-on; HomeSmiles completed the items (on my house) that I know needs to be done for good maintenance - but is frankly timing time consuming to coordinate piece by piece. The convenience and peace of mind was great.
-James C.

Very friendly and glad to show you their work in progress and explain and answer all questions
-Chip C.

John was personable, very knowledgeable and friendly. He worked fast and efficiently. Added more work for the same price.
-Lorrie C.

As others have said, the people at HomeSmiles are very professional, friendly, and willing to do what it takes to make the customer happy. And, highly responsive to customer inquiries even after the job is done. I wish ALL service businesses were this good!
-Miles C.

They showed up on time. We did a walk around and everything went swimmingly after that. Very professional.
-Lon D.

They were incredibly professional, friendly, knowledgeable and very thorough. I called them on a Friday and they fit me in on Monday. I can't thank them enough of the fabulous work they did for us. I highly recommend their services....
-Sonya J.